Mystic Words answers

Mystic Words is an artistic game that keeps you busy by providing exciting challenges. There is a simple logic, to find out 7 Mystic words by combining letter groups and clues. There are more than 1550 puzzles combined in 33 packs. As far as brain games go, it has potential to rule them all. The best thing about Mystic words is that you can observe quality gaming experience and fun for days. Some of the key features include:

  • Easy to understand
  • Decipher clues
  • Find words with the help of clues
  • Answer in any order
  • Combine letter groups
  • No time limit to answer

How Mystic words game keeps you busy?

Each puzzle consists of seven descriptions that players must guess the answers to. There are chunks of 2-3 letters that players can use to make guesses. I.e. if there is a puzzle “largest dessert” then you have to combine “sa”, “ha”, and “ra” to make Sahara which is the largest dessert. Sometimes the answers are easy but most of the time you have to work hard to make guesses. There is no time limit and you can make many wrong guesses, but free hints are limited.

The shuffle button is an added advantage, it reveals new and potential combinations. The game is not only satisfying, but also help gamers to reach farthest corners of their minds for vocabulary. The limited edition is free, but you have to purchase to play more. There are enough free levels to keep you busy for days. There are separate apps for French and Spanish speakers as well.

The developer not only focused on the content, but graphics and presentation is also outstanding. It can make a boring atmosphere into somewhat enjoyable and relaxing. It is a great puzzle game for mobile gamers.

How Mystic Words is different?

It was developed by Dada Li. Mystic words is different because it is simple and free. Those who want to improve their vocabulary will find it very helpful. Every level presents gamers a grid of letter tiles and clues. These tiles contain maximum three letters each and clues are somewhat like puzzle hints. Your goal in every level is to answer with the help of tiles. For example, a clue may be “fourscore” and the answer may be “eighty”.

It doesn’t deduce points if you make wrong guesses, in fact, there isn’t point system. It is not that much difficult and free applications include up to 25 levels. The only bad thing about this game is that you have to purchase additional packs to play more. Despite this fact, Mystic words is fun and the design is inspiring. As per many internet reviews, the game is easy, keeps brain active, and helps improve spelling.


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