Davy Jones band, with “the” Mystic Words

Mystic Words is developed by Dada Li. Those who want to improve their vocabulary will find this game very helpful.

So you want the answers to the clue “Davy Jones band, with “the”“. Well you are in the right place. Every level presents you with a grid of letter tiles and clues. These tiles contain maximum three letters each and clues are somewhat like puzzle hints. You also know that this clue has an answer that has 7 letters. Still having problems getting the answer?

Davy Jones band, with “the” 7 letters

Answer: Monkees

Now tap on the letters to make the word Monkees. It shouldn’t be so difficult. Hint: Start with the puzzles that are easier to figure out.

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About the clue “Davy Jones band, with “the”“:

Category: Mystic words Pink
Level number: 42
Letters: 7 letters
Answer: Monkees

Davy Jones band, with

The developer not only focused on the content, but graphics and presentation is also outstanding. It can make a boring atmosphere into somewhat enjoyable and relaxing. It is a great puzzle game for mobile gamers.